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This device is an advanced RF microneedling system, which offers very good results with maximum comfort and minimal recovery time. Ellisys Plus is medical device class IIb. It combines the phenomenon of bipolar radiofrequency with a microneedling and with LED.

Device delivers effectiveness and effects from the first use.

During the procedure, sterile microneedles are inserted into the dermis and into the subcutaneous tissue at the desired depth, and then radio frequency pulses are emitted. Thermally controlled tissue damage induces an immediate contractions of collagen fibers, which gives an instant lifting effect and improves skin tension. As a result of the healing and regeneration process as well as the impact of energy, neocolagenesis is stimulated and the skin is firmed.

After treatment overall spectacular improvement of the quality and condition of the skin is visible.

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World's first Hydrogen Facial

HydroImpact infuses hydrogen water into our body to remove free radicals and boost antioxidant activity. Imagine pure, clean, cool water and a wonderful gentle vibration whirling away surface skin for the most exhilarating, most refreshing skin rejuvenation you have ever had! HydroImpact is extremely unique since it has the capability to deliver Hydrogen to act at the cellular level. Hydrogen is very small particle so can target skin pores precisely and penetrate skin efficiently. Previous studies have shown that molecular hydrogen have antioxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, and cytoprotective properties that are beneficial to the skin cell.

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Vital-Injector 2 is an automatic, multi-needle drug delivery system.

Strong Performance with innovative accuracy make the Vital-Injector2 a highly desirable equipment for a variety of treatments.

Built with advanced hygienic technologies inside, this small but highly capable item effectively protects the system, to use it safer and cleaner and help you make reliable, confident treatment.

Newly engineered needle delivers all the essential functionality to meet the clinical needs

  • Pressure release needle enables to inject all needles beneath the skin and subcutaneous tissue – minimize drug loss

  • Negative pressure helps to avoid vascularized area

  • Controlled depth adjustment from 0mm to 5mm at 0.2mm intervals, delivers customized treatment to accurately target sub semis where most of the collagen and elastin exists

  • 31G, 5 pin multi needle provides dynamically faster treatment



The World's First Electroporation and MTS System.

EPN (Electroporation Needle) – Unique system of fractioned microneedles with electroporation, for skin care and maximization of the penetrability of active substances.

Electroporation technology is like needless injections because it uses electric micro-current to open pores of membranes so that cosmetic products and nutritional elements could better enter the deepest layers of skin.

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Multifunctional Body Contouring Device, ROBOLEX is Non-Invasivebody contouring device combining ultrasonic cavitation, RF(1~3MHz), Vacuum Suction, Low Level Laser.
Drain the dissolved lipocyte rapidly from the body to outside by the lymph drainage and blood circulation.


  • Body Contouring

  • obesity treatment

  • Vasoldilation / Circulation improvement

  • Fat cell dissolution and cellulite reduction


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Recommend product and curation service  through specialized skin AI analysis system.

  • Analyzes 11 items for skin problems.

  • Skin Analysis AI of Focuskin is the core of know-how by accumulated over 15 years.

  • Able to consult with customer according to provided management 
    of each customer's skin problem.

  • It can check the skin improvement at a glance through intuitive before/after comparison.

  • Allows customers to check the analysis results and recommended products for each items through SNS(Mobile phone & E-mail) anytime and anywhere.

  • Provide the feature that register customer easily and manage customer data by data, which is possible to be continuous consultation.

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