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Revolutionary Fractional RF Microneedling Device

This device is a advanced fractional RF microneedle system, which offers very good results with maximal comfort and minimal recovery time.


Recommend products and services

through a specializedI

Skin AI Analysis System!

  • Analyzes 11 items for skin problems.

  • Skin analysis AI from Focuskin is the core of the know-how accumulated over 15 years

  • Offer every customer professional and individual advice!


Attract customers with intuitive analysis and easy consultation!

  • It can check the skin improvement at a glance through an intuitive before/after comparison.

  • It allows customers to check the analysis results and recommended products for any item anytime, anywhere via SNS (mobile phone and email).

  • Register customers easily and manage customer data and photos, which are continuously available for consultation.

4 Types of Lighting

Cross polarized light

Pigment spots / Capillaries


Analyzing pigment spots on the skin of the face on the epidermis and dermis is possible by taking a photo with polarized light.


Parallel polarized light

Skin Texture / Sebum

Spreads the direction of the light source to maximize reflection on the face. This function allows you to observe the skin texture and sebum level.


normal light

Pore / Wrinkle / Elasticity / Skin Tone

Analyzing facial skin and wrinkles is possible in high resolution


UV light

Sebum / Porphyrins / Pigment spots


It is possible to analyze facial porphyrins (acne) and sebum by taking UV light pictures.


Customized products and treatments for all customers!

  • Provides high-resolution image with 20 Mega-pixel and 4STL filter.

  • Provides an analysis optimized image by using 4 adaptive LED light sources.

  • Uses brightness and color preservation devices based on professional photo techniques.

  • Uses the background that blocks the external light to take the same picture every time


The Focuskin hood keeps outside light out perfectly.

  • Made of dust-proof and water-proof material. Tested for durability.

  • It is made a classic design, which is associated with the initial form of the camera obscura.

  • The use of the software is stable, easy and simple.


Used in various ways in places such as clinics, beauty salons, skin care stores, cosmetic stores and beauty academies and others.

  • High analysis speed helps to save the consultation time with customers to enable efficient marketing.

  • Able to recommend and sell customized products with professional advice based on data.

  • Gets customers to buy the products and treatments they need by intuitively showing the customer's skin concerns.


Smart 3D Skin Analysis

  • The images created in 2D are processed with our own calculation algorithm and implemented in 3D.

  • It uses blur technology to effectively view deep-seated analysis items, such as pores or folds.


Technical specification

Focuskin Logo.png

Camera:Digital camera

Resolution:20 megapixels

Light:Adaptive LED light / 4-STL filter, color correction

Analysis Sections:pore, wrinkle, elasticity, pigmentation (polarized, UV), shiny, skin tone, redness, sebum + porphyrin, moisture (total 11 skin problems)

Languages:Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Russian, Vietnamese, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch

Size:36 (W) x 29 (D) x 51 (H), 7.2 kg


Manufactured by PIE Co., LTD,

South Korea

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